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A Course for Broadview Residents and Purchase College Community Only

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 A Tour Through Wine Country— one session April 17, 2024
Taste a variety of wines and study the environmental and cultural histories behind them. Focusing particularly on European viticulture, sample classics from famous a region such as Bordeaux, Piedmont and the Mosel Valley, or discover exciting offerings from as far afield as Georgia and as close to home as Brooklyn.

CED 1105 / noncredit / $95  

Instructor: Christian Bailey
Location: Broadview Learning Commons
Dates:  April 17, 2024
Day/Time: Wednesday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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Lecture Series

abbas shemeem headshot  Prof. Shemeem Abbas led a series of six lectures, exploring issues of Exile and Displacement around the dislocation of thinkers, artists, musicians and minorities in Central Asia and South Asia.

Access the recordings at the following links:

  1. Lecture 1: Non-State Actors. An exploration of the geopolitics of Afghanistan and Pakistan from late 1978 to date.

  2. Lecture 2: Nina Straus and Shemeem Abbas: A Dialogue: A brush with the so-called “shari’a” or Islamic law in Pakistan.

  3. Lecture 3: Sufi Musicians: Exploring the Female Voice in Sufi Ritual. An Introduction.

  4. Lecture 4: Sufi Music: Exploring the Female Voice. Sufi Musicians Exile and Displacement.

  5. Lecture 5: Sami Yousuf: “Beyond The Stars,” Sufi Music in Exile. An International Performance.

  6. Lecture 6: “Operation Gibraltar”: Episodes from a memoir.