Working in close consultation with a faculty advisor, students in this BFA major design a course of study that bridges two or more traditional areas in the visual arts. This degree is designed for students whose natural interests and curiosities lead them beyond the borders of a single major. Students must identify a primary and secondary area of focus, such as Graphic Design and Printmaking or Sculpture and Photography. The course of study should direct the student along a path of exploration, experimentation and synthesis.

For more information on declaring this concentration, please refer to the A+D Student Handbook​​.

Updated 10-2-20


In addition to fulfilling General Education requirements, undergraduate students majoring in interdisciplinary visual arts must complete the following requirements (82 credits):

Note: All students are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to remain in good academic standing.All required studio arts classes must be completed with a grade of C or higher in order to advance within the degree. Any required studio arts grade of C- or below must be repeated.

Foundation Courses: 16-17 credits

  • VIS 1050/ComX: 2 credits or
  • VIS 2150/Key Class: 1 credit
  • VIS 1060/Foundation Drawing: 3 credits
  • VIS 1070/Extended Media: 3 credits
  • VIS 1080/Visual Language: 3 credits
  • VIS 1260/3-D Processes: 3 credits
  • VIS 1330/Lens and Time: 3 credits

Art History Courses: 12 credits

  • ARH 1020/History of Art Survey II: 3 credits
  • ARH 1021/History of Art Survey II Discussion: 1 credit
  • ARH —/One course in the history of art before 1800 (lower-level)
  • ARH —/Art history elective (modern/contemporary)

Studio Art Courses: 30 credits

Students must find a faculty sponsor in each of the two areas (primary and secondary).

Primary area:
Studio art courses (lower level): 6 credits
Studio art courses (upper level): 12 credits

Secondary area:
Studio art courses (lower level): 6 credits
Studio art courses (upper level): 6 credits

Visual Arts Studio Electives: 12-13 credits

Synthesis Courses: 11 credits

Senior seminar or other synthesis course: 3 credits
VIS 4990/Senior Project I: 4 credits
VIS 4991/Senior Project II: 4 credits

Students are also expected to abide by the policies and procedures laid out in the A+D Student Handbook.