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SV Randall - If the Husk is Habitable

Windgate Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

Install shot of SV Randall's exhibition: if the husk is habitable. Featuring green and waiting... Install shot of SV Randall’s exhibition: if the husk is habitable. Featuring “green” and “waiting room”

SV Randall is the Windgate Artist-in-Residence at Purchase College in Spring 2021. He creates work which encompasses a range of media including sculpture, installation, painting, and performance that address the various ways in which objects mutate in nature and function across time. He explores how we situate ourselves in the world; principally highlighting larger issues of social visibility, class structures, technological obsolesce, and spatial politics. In his latest exhibition, SV cultivates an allegorical narrative of the biological body with its surroundings. A series of low-relief sculptures depict the silhouette of a lone figure transforming into a nervous system, a dark gap within a dense field of oversized leaves, hands lingering amongst plants, and a window floating against a backdrop of wild foliage. “if the husk is habitable” questions what it is to be a body, reconciling the impeding spaces of contemporary infrastructures and the infinite expanse of interiority. Randall received his MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from VCU and his BFA from Alfred University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Visual Performing Arts at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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Windgate Artist-in-Residence Exhibition