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DeCarlo Logan | Sundown: Revolution

Windgate Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

Online Exhibition

DeCarlo Logan Exhibition

DeCarlo Logan is the Windgate Artist-in-Residence at Purchase College in Spring 2020. He creates work which uses an interdisciplinary approach combing and moving between painting, video, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and installation art. He dissects social constructions as a means to engage in a conversation deeply rooted in complex internal and external perceptions of race and ethnicity in America. His work captures moments which would otherwise be overlooked or forgotten; providing a space to discover community through shared experience. He investigates the factors which dominate bodies of color by confronting the established perception of Black and Brown communities; creating a dialog to examining dangerous social customs which perpetuate prejudice. Logan received his MFA in Studio Art from Purdue University and a BA from Illinois College. He is currently based near St. Louis, MO.