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Alix Pearlstein ’88

Alex Pearlstein Alex PearlsteinAlix Pearlstein is particularly well known for her work in video art and performance art.

The artist creates work that often combine elements of performance, video art, sculpture and conceptual art. Having exhibited in New York since 1988, she began her career as a sculptor, and started producing video in 1992. Her work often features elements of comedy and dead-pan humor. She has stated that she consciously evades genre.

Pearlstein’s art draws inspiration from Post-Minimal and Conceptual artists such as Dan Graham, particularly looking at the use of space in film and video.[6] In many of her works, Pearlstein gives unscripted, mise-en-scène instructions to performers, resulting in long, suspenseful shots. She received a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award in 2011.