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CTS Scope of Support - Troubleshooting Computer Issues

Purchase College Owned Computers:

If within 5 years of purchase date, CTS can proceed with troubleshooting.  If the issue is hardware related, and the computer is still covered by the warranty, then CTS can arrange to have it serviced.

If beyond 5 years of purchase date, CTS can provide a 1 hour service call or remote assistance to perform basic troubleshooting.  If CTS finds that basic troubleshooting will not fix the issue for a computer that is beyond 5 years of purchase date and out of warranty, then CTS cannot continue to troubleshoot further.  Unfortunately, in these cases the computer will need to be replaced.

All computers are being imaged with Windows 10.  This includes virus infected computers (falling within 5 years of purchase date) that need to be reimaged.

Personal Computers & Laptops:

Remember that we are New York State public employees.

Private citizens cannot bring their car into the college’s auto garage for repairs - nor can they expect FMG to plow their home driveway.

If someone has a problem with their personal computer or laptop, CTS cannot be responsible for it, nor are we obligated to provide technical support services. However…

CTS will be happy to point users to YouTube, Google search or the CTS Knowledge Base for self-help, or CTS can advise them to contact a reputable computer repair establishment. CTS cannot sit with users to watch them perform services we do not provide. From a time perspective, this is equivalent to doing it ourselves. Further, if something goes wrong, we can be held liable.

Determining whether the problem is caused by a user’s personally owned hardware, or by the settings and configuration of the College’s network/software systems will be determined by CTS.

CTS will assist members of the College community (students/faculty/staff) in getting their personally owned device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc) onto the Purchase College network. Accessing the network may require advising or adjusting configuration and network settings on their device.

CTS will assist members of the College community (students/faculty/staff) in accessing college-provided software systems such as Email, Moodle, and MyHeliotrope from their privately-owned device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

CTS may extend the courtesy of up to 1 hour’s effort to diagnose a problem and to determine whether it is due to College software systems or network settings. Sometimes problems are caused by changes or upgrades to college systems. Those problems may impact many people, and sometimes the problem is first reported by someone using a personally owned device - so problems always have to be evaluated and investigated with an open mind.

•CTS will not install or repair hardware components or software on any personally owned devices.
CTS reserves the right to decline assistance with personal devices if the College network and software systems related to the problem being reported are known to be in good working order.
•CTS reserves the right to decline troubleshooting problems reported with personal devices if the person reporting the problem is abusive.