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AppLocker deployed to enhance security on Windows PCs

The risk of malicious software (or malware) infection to computer systems is greater than ever before, and the cost of malware infection is significant.  There is the potential for not only compromised or lost data, but also lost productivity.

To supplement our existing endpoint protection tools, Campus Technology Services has rolled out an additional layer of defense to Windows computers - Microsoft’s AppLocker. This software is effective in blocking new and emerging threats that could slip by our existing defenses. AppLocker is intended to prevent automatic launching or installation of unknown software - which is often malicious. 

AppLocker is transparent  and will not interfere with the vast majority of applications that run from the Program Files or Windows directories. However, applications that run from non-standard locations - like a user’s desktop - will need to be approved and have a rule created in order to work. CTS has already created rules for a wide variety of common applications that fall into this category, such as web meeting applications, and can create additional rules upon request.

Please see the official AppLocker Policy for additional information and instructions for requesting a rule to allow a new application.