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Zoom Security Updates - Regional Containment; Cloud Recording and File Transfer Disabled

Zoom Privacy & Security Updates

Over the last few weeks Zoom has made a concerted effort to improve the security of their software and they have been rolling out new features and security patches every few days. The latest improvements include: longer meeting IDs; password requirements; advanced chat encryption; user authentication settings and security icon for hosts.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Starting mid-May, everyone will sign into Zoom using their regular Purchase credentials. We are also adding Moodle Integration for Zoom at the same time. All faculty and staff should change your zoom login email address from to match their Purchase account  You can do that in the My Account section of the Zoom Web interface.

Recording Storage – Cloud Disabled

Zoom Cloud storage used for recordings has reached its limit - and is currently disabled. You can still record your Zoom sessions – but you will need to save these recordings to your local drive. You can still share your recordings using YouTube. You can adjust Youtube Privacy Settings to prevent your uploads from being publicly searchable.

Regional Settings

Since this April 18th security feature was added the College has limited our Zoom activity by data center regions to North America only. This prevents our Zoom traffic from traversing other regions and countries who would steal the snacks out of our lunch bag.

File Transfer & 3rd Party Applications Disabled

To further reduce the likelihood of security breaches, password requirements have been enabled, the File Transfer feature in the Chat window has been locked.
Third party applications are disabled except for Email, Moodle and FTP services.

Default Settings You Can Change

The default settings for File Transfers (off), annotation (off) and Host-Screen-Sharing (only) – can only be changed by the meeting host – you - if you want to.

CTS Zoom Deep-Dive Training Available

If you would like assistance securing your Zoom meetings using the settings (waiting room, session authentication, removing a user, preventing a user from returning, etc.), CTS will be happy to assist with a live interactive session to demonstrate these tactics and more. Join the CTS Zoom Live Chat, and we can walk you through any questions you may have.
Detailed explanations, additional information, tips and guides can be found on our Zoom Wiki page.

From the Vendor: Keep-the-party-crashers-from-crashing-your-zoom-event