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Purchase Event Tracking System (PETS)

Last year GenEd faculty asked for a system to allow students to register for a slate of events and track their attendance. CTS developed the Purchase Event Tracking System (PETs) to address this need. 

PETs has simple web interface that allows faculty and staff to create an event, publish a registration link, and quickly and efficiently record attendance using any smartphone or barcode scanner. ID Cards are scanned at the door.  An orientation event this summer recorded 200+ persons in about 10 minutes. Attendance reports are immediate, can easily be correlated to other Banner or HRETS data, and can be exported to a spreadsheet for further use.

Feedback from early adopters has been extremely positive. It is a very ‘cool’ system that makes recording attendance a breeze. Setting up events is simple and supports “choose one of…” registration options.

There is a series of one-minute videos demonstrating the various steps and functions in PETs.

If you’ve been here long enough to remember the “Arts Card” concept, that’s what this is. However, it’s better because it’s flexible enough to support training and administrative purposes too.