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Lois Dodd Monograph by Professor Faye Hirsch

MFA program coordinator in the School of Art+Design launches a book on the work of Lois Dodd.

Alexandre Gallery in New York is exhibiting work by painter Lois Dodd to celebrate the publication of the Lois Dodd monograph by Faye Hirsch, visiting associate professor of Art+Design and MFA board of study coordinator.

 Lois Dodd is on view until January 20, 2018.

The monograph is the first written about Dodd, an under-known contemporary artist who is now 90 years old. The publisher Lund Humphries writes, “Through extensive studio visits and interviews, Faye Hirsch considers the processes, places and impulses behind Dodd’s paintings and reveals her outwardly peaceful, reflective canvases to be the product of an alert and forceful eye and a powerfully efficient execution.”

Lois Dodd Monograph Cover by Faye Hirsch