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Adobe and Microsoft Campus Agreement for Software- Students, Faculty, and Staff

Purchase College maintains a Campus Agreement with Microsoft that entitles the College to use certain Microsoft products across the campus on institutionally owned computers. The Campus Agreement is a license subscription service purchased annually for certain Microsoft software used by faculty and staff across campus on institutionally owned computers. Under the agreement the College can install Microsoft Office and upgrade Windows operating system.  These applications come pre-installed on any new computers setup and delivered by the CTS Helpdesk and can be installed onto any College owned computers by request. 

Home Computer License Rights for Faculty and Staff

Under this agreement, College employees are entitled to install this same software onto their personally owned computers at home provided they use this software in the performance of their job.  Microsoft software can be installed from special installation media obtained from the College’s vendor E-Academy (also called OntheHub).  The cost of the license for this software is already covered under the Campus Agreement and a nominal fee will be charged by the vendor to cover the cost of supplying the media. Note: this offer contains Office 2016 products and Windows operating systems.

Please visit the Microsoft Support page for information regarding these software titles and their minimum system requirements. 

Microsoft Office 365 is also available for download and can be installed on up to five computers.  It includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and PowerPoint.  Note: This offer only has Office products, not Microsoft operating systems.

*There have been some reports of account reset and other glitches with this Microsoft Office 365 page. Make sure you choose the “Personal” or Microsoft Account when signing up. CTS does not manage this page or these Microsoft accounts, so any issues will need to be escalated to Microsoft directly. See Microsoft support page. You can attempt these steps before contacting Microsoft:

1. Go to

2. Enter your credentials and fail the login. It will offer you reset your password in the red text above the password field. Do not choose “Forgot my password” below it.

3. Follow the Recovery prompts and choose a method by which they can send a reset code.

4. They will send a pin number that you’ll feed back into their website. It should then allow you to change your password to something new.

5. Navigate to

6. Attempt to login and it should ask about account types. Choose “Personal account”.

7. See if you can proceed to office 365.

At present, (but likely only until June 30th or if our Adobe agreement is extended) Facultyand staff can also request work at home copies of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Pro. The software can be installed on up to two devices and can be requested by submitting a work request through

You should know that Adobe software is in a state of flux. Our Adobe agreement ends on June 30 so it would be prudent for faculty and staff to buy their own copies (for personal) or for their department to buy through SHI at which may be better since SHI is a certified reseller and not tied to any expiring agreements.

 For many years the College has licensed Adobe software under a concurrent license model that has allowed us to deploy the software on all of our machines. That is now changing as Adobe is shifting their software licensing options. Negotiations with SUNY are still ongoing, and it is not clear what the result will be. Adobe has decided to eliminate concurrent (serialized) licensing in favor of “Named User” licensing - which will dramatically increase our cost. “Named User” licensing also does not work for computer labs where there are machines that are shared by many persons. These licensing changes are a big concern across SUNY, and progress on these negotiations has been painfully slow. Despite a lack of clarity on what the options will be as of July 1st, Adobe (playing hardball) has warned that any campuses that do not renew by June 30th will automatically be moved to the new Named License model.

The Adobe licensing changes have been discussed extensively at the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) for the last 2 years. While we are hopeful that a last-minute agreement to keep the concurrent licenses for one more year can be reached, even then we will be moved to the new model in summer 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves.

Therefore, Adobe software will no longer be part of the standard software installation on all campus computers, and Adobe software will only be installed upon request until it becomes clearer what the financial impact on the ITAC budget will be.

There are many high-quality Open-Source alternatives to Adobe software, and we are looking at installing alternatives to the Adobe Creative Suite components.

Obtaining Installation Media for Your Home Computer

Faculty and staff can purchase media under the Campus Agreement for home computer use by visiting the website for E-Academy.  The media is available in either electronic download or DVD format. 

Note: This software is made available to you because Purchase College has purchased license coverage for the software through its Microsoft Campus Agreement. Purchase College is offering the right for you to use the software for business related purposes at home under its Microsoft Campus Subscription Enrollment. You are not licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes. You do not own the license or the CDs, rather you are authorized to use the software and associated media pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Campus Agreement during the licensed period. You will be required to remove the software from your home machine immediately upon expiration of the licensed period or earlier if your employment by Purchase College ends.

Autodesk, Adobe, and Microsoft Discounts Available for Current Students

Current students are eligible to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud at a rate of $19.99 a month.  Purchases can be made through E-Academy.

Microsoft Operating Systems can also be purchased through E-Academy.

Students can obtain a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 which can be installed on up to 5 devices.  It includes Outlook, Word, Access, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

Students can now obtain a free copy of Autodesk software at this page:

Discounts on HP Personal Purchases for Faculty and Staff:

Once you go to the site,, you just need to create an account.  You have to use your Purchase email for the email address (the .edu address tells them you work for the College, and are eligible for the discount) but the password does not have to be the same as your email password.

If you are using the online checkout, use company code: EP17422.  HP Customer service phone number is 888-999-4747.

Discounts on Apple Personal Purchases for Faculty and Staff:

Faculty/Staff and Students can all receive a education discount on their Apple hardware purchases. The discount is not a certain percentage, but different dollar amounts based on the system. So the discount scan range from $20-$100 or more.

Please go to this link to place an order:  Search for Purchase College by zip code 10577.

Discounts on Apple Personal Purchases for Students:

Please visit the website

Discounts on HP Personal Purchases for Students:

Please visit the website