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Data Infrastructure Policy

The security and integrity of the ccollege’s computer systems and data network is our collective responsibility. As we all increasingly rely on electronic forms of communication and electronic access to important information, we must ensure their reliability and protect our network against ever more sophisticated security threats. 

College-Owned Devices:

The personal computers (PCs) and other devices used in offices and computer labs throughout the campus are purchased and owned by the college. This includes department or unit-funded devices, as well as Research Foundation or grant-funded devices.

All college-owned devices (servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.) must be registered in the centralized CTS Workstation Database per the college’s Device Assignment Policy. When a device is transferred from one employee to another—for any reason—the device must be returned to CTS for refreshment and reassignment. Failure to register a device may result in denial of all network services for that device.

All college-owned devices must run a current and secure operating system. A current and secure operating system is one that is actively being supported and patched by its vendor (Microsoft, Apple, Linux).

All college-owned devices must be joined to the campus network domain, and must require the use of Active Directory login credentials to access the computer. Secure administrative access to college computers (admin rights) will be administered by CTS.

These machines must be part of the campus network; the software running on these machines must be legally purchased and approved by CTS before installation.

Personally Owned Devices:

Personally owned devices brought to campus will not be joined to the College Network Domain, will not use Active Directory Credentials for logon access, and therefore will only be able to obtain public network access (services available to the world at large. Individual owners are solely responsible for the operation and security of their device.

Ports and Wiring Infrastructure:

The wired data ports and wireless networks throughout the college are purchased and owned by the college, and are operated and managed by Campus Technology Services (CTS). No connections to college ports are allowed without prior written approval from CTS.

CTS is responsible for the management and administration of all data and telecommunication networking ports, components, and infrastructure serving the campus. No network modifications of any type, including minor renovations, will be permitted without written advance approval from CTS.

Contractors working on any part of the college‘s data and telecommunication infrastructure must have prior written approval from CTS, and work must be coordinated and monitored by CTS.

Any wiring, ports, or devices that are not approved will be disabled, removed, or seized as they present an unwarranted security risk.


All college servers will be operated by CTS or their designated agents (vendor or proprietary systems). Servers will only be run on appropriate hardware. CTS and CTS alone will act as system administrators to manage the server operating system and network environment. At their discretion, CTS may grant “application administrator” rights to configure and manage specific software applications on a server to appropriately trained individuals outside of CTS.

Any servers found to be in violation will be disabled, removed, or seized as they present an unwarranted security risk.

Other Network Devices

No network devices (data port switches, routers, Wi-Fi, storage systems, etc.) may be installed by anyone other than CTS. Installation of any network device must be approved in advance by CTS.

Any devices found to be in violation will be disabled, removed, or seized as they present an unwarranted security risk.