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Equipment Loan Policy

CTS loan policies and procedures are enforced to ensure the security of equipment and the equal opportunity for usage by all students.  

CTS maintains a pool of equipment available to students, faculty and staff, by request through the CTS Work Order System.  

We do our best to accommodate all requests - including the last-minute ones.  Equipment should be reserved in advance to increase the likelihood of availability.  Equipment is primarily reserved for academic purposes, and priority is given to students over faculty and staff.  Equipment is reserved in the order in which it is received, but special circumstances may be accommodated.  Equipment may be borrowed over breaks, but permission from the instructor through the work order system or by email is needed for students to borrow equipment between semesters.   

Most equipment can be borrowed at any time for a period of one week. Requests for longer than one week will be assessed on a case by case basis and will be granted or denied based on academic need, the student demand, and equipment availability of the requested items.  The “Comments” section of the work request should briefly give the reason for the loan request as priority will be given to requests for academic purposes. 

Reserved equipment can be picked up and returned at the CTS Helpdesk (Social Sciences Room 0025) anytime during our normal business hours. 

Those unable to pick up requested equipment by the specified date should notify CTS by phone or through the work order system.  CTS will hold the equipment an extra day upon request, but then the equipment will be returned to the loan pool, and a new request must be submitted.  

CTS may decline or cancel requests for a variety of reasons including reasons of misuse, damage, lost, late return - or for other reasons at the discretion of CTS. 

The borrower assumes full responsibility of the equipment.  Equipment not returned on time will be marked as late and incur charges daily starting at $1 a day per item up to $5 a day per item.  Amount of late fee is determined by the value of the item.  Cameras and camcorders are $5 a day, audio recorders are $5 a day, microphones are $1 a day, tripods are $1 a day, stands and boom poles are $1 a day, light kits are $5 a day, projectors and displays are $5 a day, laptops and tablets are $5 day, other small peripherals are $1 a day.  The final charge will be calculated on the day the late equipment is returned.  For lost or broken equipment, the borrower will be charged the full replacement or repair cost of the items in question. 

 CTS will inspect equipment before pick up and upon return.  The individual borrowing the equipment should check the equipment and report any missing and/or damaged pieces before leaving CTS with the equipment.  Also, if any equipment is damaged or broken while out, it should be reported to CTS upon return.  Equipment should be checked for presence of equipment reserved and general condition of equipment.

All electronic communications for equipment requests from CTS are done through the CTS Work Order System and will appear in the requestor’s Purchase email account Inbox from “Purchase College Work Order System” with the subject line “CTS Work Order Status Report”.

 Individuals are advised not to give equipment to others while it is signed out to them.

 All equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was loaned out.