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Can I email my class or advisees? (faculty)

Yes!  There are email distribution lists automatically created for each class or for advisees.

All Distribution Lists (DLs) in use at the College can be used on any mail platform.

Outlook makes it easy to send mail to (Your.List) as it appears in the global address book.

But you can eliminate the parentheses and append (making it and use whatever mail client you want.

With Banner, there are changes in the term format, the course numbering format and section numbers.  The format for summer 2014 classes and beyond is or for example  Faculty do not have to create their own lists.

(Banner Term codes are 20=Summer, 40=Fall, 55=Winter, 60=Spring)​

Each faculty advisor also has a distribution list containing all of their advisees in the format  In the global address list, the format is (advisor.FirstName.LastName).

If you are the owner of a list (i.e. you are the head of a department) there is also a list containing all of your majors (i.e. )