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Workstation Administration Policy

The security and integrity of the college’s computer systems and data network is our collective responsibility. As we increasingly rely on electronic forms of communication and access to information, we must ensure its security and protect our network against ever more sophisticated threats. A single weak machine that is not adequately patched and maintained can wreak havoc with the college’s network, interfering with administrative operations and disrupting access for thousands of people on campus.

The machines in offices and computer labs throughout the campus are purchased and owned by the college. The college’s standard operating system, Windows 10, contains security features that require you to log on before you can use the machine.  All software running on college-owned machines must be legally purchased and approved by CTS before installation. All college employees receive “User” accounts that allow them to run all software on the machines, but does not allow them administrative rights to modify system settings or install other software. Secure administrative access to workstations is retained by CTS.  The college is using Windows 7/Windows 10 and domain-wide Group Policy settings to centrally manage these machines and ensure that security patches are applied and that anti-virus profiles are up to date.  Windows 7 also dramatically improves the Helpdesk’s ability to troubleshoot and repair problems remotely when you run into difficulty.

Please call the Helpdesk at 914-251-6465 if you have any questions or if you need assistance.