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Domain Names Policy

A domain name is an identification string consisting of a series of alphanumeric “words” separated by “dots.” A “human‐friendly” domain name that is typically typed into a browser is translated to a numeric IP address for routing traffic between servers on the internet. Examples of domain names include “” and “” Domain names are defined and translated through the Domain Name System (DNS).

Domain names have multiple levels. For example, is a second‐level name, while is a third‐level name. Domain names are resolved to an IP address, like

Campus Technology Services (CTS) is solely responsible for administering and maintaining DNS records and DNS name assignments for the domain obtained through Educause.

Custom Name Requests
A school, conservatory, or department outside of CTS may request a third-level name ( for an application, site, or server if it is hosted with and administered by CTS. All name creation requests require the approval of the head of the requesting unit. CTS management is responsible for final approval. Requested names should be unambiguous and clearly identify the content of the site. For example, would clearly identify a site for the Office of Human Resources, but would not. Custom names are not permitted for applications, sites, or servers that are not managed by or hosted by CTS.

Redirects to External Services
If a third-level domain name cannot be granted (i.e., an external service), a local redirect may be provided at the discretion of CTS. For example, could be used to promote a college-affiliated service that exists on an external server—and that link can redirect traffic to the external service.