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Remote Assistance- Remote Desktop Information and Policy

Remote Assistance: Remote assistance allows a CTS technician to connect to a user’s computer remotely for the purpose of providing technical support and resolving issues. The CTS technician gains remote access after the user gives authorization via connect invitation sent through a messenger screen. Remote assistance is provided while the user is present at their computer, and both user and CTS technician can control the mouse and view what’s being done. Once remote assistance has been provided, the CTS technician ends the session and disconnects from the user’s computer.

Remote Desktop: Remote desktop is performed after hours when the user is not present at their computer. The user or department head must give advance authorization which would be noted in the work order along with the service call date and time. The computer should be logged off but not shut down during the time of the scheduled service call for remote desktop
to work. The CTS technician can then connect to the computer to perform the scheduled service. Once the service call is completed, the CTS technician ends the session and disconnects from the user’s computer.

Remote Assistance/Remote Desktop Policy
1. CTS technicians are not permitted to perform remote assistance/remote desktop without authorization from the user or department head.
2. User authorization for remote assistance/remote desktop is given via connect invitation message (for remote assistance) or verbal authorization as noted in the work order (for remote desktop).
3. CTS provides remote assistance/remote desktop services only to Purchase College owned computers that are on campus and connected to the Purchase College network.
4. The CTS technician will disconnect from the user’s computer once technical support has been provided and the remote session has been completed.