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Can I print on campus?

Yes! There are both color and black & white printers located in the Library DMZ area and other computer labs. Please see the Computer Labs page for details.

Each registered fully matriculated student receives a 2000 point print credit per semester.  At 5 points per B/W page, that’s 400 printed pages.  Senior auditors receive a one time allocation of 2000 points at time of account creation but not an automatic increase each semester unless a class is being taken for credit.   There is an additional discount for duplex printing (both sides of the page.)  See a full description of the Print Management Policy. CTS has built a new large-scale 3D printer for use by students.  The new 3D printer has a 12” x 16” x 12” build area, and there are a variety of colors of PLA filament available.  3D prints can be charged against your print allocation.  The 3D printer is located in the Helpdesk Service center (Social Sciences room 0025), and is adjacent to the 48” photo-quality Epson 9900 plotter – which is also available for student use.