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SUNY Cloud Service Guidelines

Cloud Services Policy:

All College departments and operations must follow SUNY guidelines on the use of cloud services in order to protect sensitive data contained in college systems. Many services widely used across SUNY are cloud services: Slate for Admissions, Starfish for Advising, and Degree-Works for academic progress are three well known examples. These contracts are negotiated by SUNY and incorporate the guidelines. 

Vendors increasingly offer cloud-services only. Individual offices or departments seeking to engage a new cloud-based software system must review the SUNY Cloud Services Guidelines and make sure that the system meets those SUNY guidelines, as well as ADA Accessibility requirements.

Most importantly, individuals interested in a new cloud-based system should discuss their needs with CTS first. We can help evaluate the vendor and the system - and most importantly - how it interacts with other upstream and downstream college systems. 

See the SUNY-Cloud-Services-Guidelines