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Telephone Usage Refund Policy

All telephone bills are reviewed for accuracy before they are sent to departments, residents and renters. If you find an error on your bill, please contact CTS at (914) 251-6465 as soon as possible! You must report the call(s) in question BEFORE payment is submitted. Once an error is reported, CTS will check the call against our long distance carrier bills in order to validate the claim.

For international and domestic calls of 1 minute or less, a credit can be applied immediately. Calls over 1 minute must be checked against the bill of the carrier to assess whether or not the call was completed. If it is confirmed that the call was completed, the charge will remain on the bill.

If your PIN has been lost or stolen, or unauthorized calls are being made from your office phone, you must report this to CTS. You are responsible for all calls made before you reported your PIN or unauthorized calls to CTS. In such cases, if you wish to dispute the charges, you MUST file a report with University Police. Otherwise, you will still be responsible for additional calls made with your PIN or from your office phone. CTS will cooperate with University Police and provide any information they need for their investigation.

Please note that refunds will appear as a credit to the account. A refund check will be issued only if service has been terminated or you are no longer employed by the College.