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What is print allocation? How do I add points to my CTS print point allocation?

  1. Please create a work request through the CTS Work Order System. Choose problem type Print Allocation.
  2. Type “Print Allocation Increase” as the subject line.
  3. In the body of the work request, specify an amount to be added. You will receive 100 points per dollar of increase requested.
  4. The amount in points will be added to your print allocation in the Print Management System and in dollars to your semester bill.
  5. You can pay in person at Student Financial Services or online through the MyHeliotrope application on the student portal page. Exact location in MyHeliotrope is Student > Student Accounts > Payment Center.
  6. If you need to borrow audio/visual equipment from CTS, please pay as soon as possible. The work order system will not allow you to submit a request if there is a charge on your student bill.
  7. Please inform Student Financial Services or CTS once the payment has been made so we can apply the money to the proper place.

Requesting Increase in Print Balance:
The PSGA is in agreement with CTS that additional printing allocations should not be granted automatically, and that students who exceed their allocation must pay for additional print privileges if they are needed. Please see the full Print Management Policy

Students can pay online (through the MyHeliotrope link on the student portal page) for additional print allocations. You only need to create a Work Request through the CTS Work Order System indicating the amount of the increase. The amount will then be added to the PaperCut Printing System as well as your semester bill, and you can go ahead and pay online via credit card. The area in myHeliotrope to go to is Student > Student Account > Payment Center. Please let Student Financial Services or CTS know once payment is made so the money can be applied to the right account. Keep in mind that you cannot rent audio/visual equipment from CTS until the payment is made.

Please note that the print allocation for the School of Art & Design is treated as a separate entity. To increase your VA print account, all requests must be made to:

Jerzy Klebieko, BFA
Instructional Technology Manager
Room 1004 | Ext. 6799