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How do I print a document in color?

There are several color printers on campus:​

  • 2  color printers in the Library Reference Area/DMZ on the main floor (Macs & PCs)
  • Mac Lab in Natural Sciences (NSS 1013)
  • Labs in the Visual Arts building
  • Design Technology Labs (Social Sciences 2017)
  • CMFT PC Lab 3031

There’s a trick to printing in color: You must select the color printer in the print menu AND make sure the document is set to print in color under “Printer Properties.”  (Most of the time, the color printers default to “color” as the output). 

The name and location of “Printer Properties” or “Printer Options” may differ depending on what software application you are using. When in doubt, look for terms like “properties,” “options,” “printer features,” or “features.”

Follow the steps on the Print in Black and White or Color page.