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Security Awareness Training

How safe do you think you are online? While we all think we’re being careful, too many members of our campus community fall victim to phishing or Malware infection - over 100 in the last year. It can happen to any of us – and it does with depressing regularity.

The security and privacy of our online information is under greater threat than ever before. It is our individual and collective responsibility to safeguard our faculty, staff, and students’ personal, private and sensitive information that is contained in Purchase College computer systems.     

To comply with SUNY and New York State mandates that every employee undergo annual Security Awareness training, we are using the SANS “Securing the Human” online training program. 

This self-paced training is a collection of videos designed to improve awareness of the threats to information security, and to increase the likelihood that all of us will recognize those threats whenever and wherever we encounter them - online, on the phone, in person, or in the comfort of our homes.

The program includes a series of short 2 to 5 minute videos covering topics from why you are a target to how to spot phishing to how properly secure your home computer and home network. Each video is followed by three multiple choice questions you answer to “Complete” that topic. Upon completion of all the topics, the system will issue you a Completion Certificate.

All employees were automatically enrolled in this system earlier this year. Please follow the link and access these training materials using your regular Purchase College credentials.

Please make sure to visit the site regularly and make your way through all of the materials. Consider putting a recurring appointment in your calendar and spend 15 minutes on this each week. These training materials will be refreshed at the end of the calendar year, and a new cycle will begin.

The system tracks your progress through the materials. Our goal is 100% completion by all faculty and staff. If you pace yourself, it will be easy. But if you leave it all until the very end, it will be harder for you. In December we will be reporting to each of the Sector Officers on the progress of the folks in their areas.


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