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Print Management Policy

The internet and electronic systems have exponentially increased the amount of materials available in today’s learning, teaching, and working environment. Most people still prefer to read text on paper because it is more comfortable. Paper copies are often needed for study, distribution at meetings, and other purposes. Despite broader electronic access to documents, there remains a need for print services for students, faculty and staff.


The college provides and manages print services in a variety of ways.


Print Services for Students:

CTS employs a Print Management System (Paper Cut) that students can access from all of the computer labs around campus. Funded from the Student Technology Fee, CTS provides and supports the printers, paper and toner for the computer labs and library printers. A+D uses a separate version of this same system for managing printing in their specialized labs.


Prior to 2007 there were no limits on student printing. In 2007-2008 we monitored student print usage to begin assessing utilization and to identify a reasonable print allocation level. Beginning in the 2008-2009 academic year, students were provided with small print allocation each semester. The student community slowly became used to the idea that printing isn’t ‘free.’


Each semester each registered FT student receives an additional print allocation. Student Print Allocations are pro-rated. The print allocation has been set at a maximum of 2000 points per semester since spring 2014.


When a student prints a document, a dialog box appears showing their allocation balance and the fee for the print job they are requesting. The Print Management System charges from 3 print points per page (duplex B/W prints) to 35 points per page (one-sided color print). The 2000 print point/semester allocation is enough for each student to print up to 800 pages per semester. Any remaining balance is carried forward, with subsequent semester’s allocations added to it. The idea is that a student’s print balance should accumulate over their four years here to support an increased print need as they research and produce their senior project. Print allocations are suspended between semesters, and eliminated upon graduation. Unused print allocations are not refundable.


Print statistics from 2013 showed that the average student allocation balance is 9952 points, with 2,200 students having a balance over 1000 points, and only 108 students below 1000 points.


For fiscal year 2012-2013 the Student Technology Fee account spent $148,000 on paper (12k), toner (115k) and replacement printers (21k).


The annual expenditure for print services is equal to the total cost of one super-awesome computer lab that the college is forgoing each and every year, so we continue trying to minimize this expense.


Print Services for Faculty and Staff:

Faculty and staff printing is the responsibility of their home unit. Many academic units have shared laser printers in divisional offices, and many faculty have desktop printers as well. Staff print services are the responsibility of their home unit. Many units have shared network printers, and many provide individual desktop inkjet printers for their faculty and staff.


As a courtesy, when Print Management was introduced in 2009, CTS provided all faculty and staff with a one-time Print allocation of 5000 points to allow them to print outside of their offices when they are in the library or a computer lab.  This is a one-time allocation and will not be replenished once it is exhausted. Faculty and staff who have subsequently joined the college receive a one-time courtesy allocation of 2000 points.


The one-time courtesy print allocation of 2000 points is intended to allow faculty to print in the library and labs in an emergency, it is not intended for routine use. Class handouts and other materials should be printed in divisional offices, not in the computer labs.