Faculty Handbook 2015–16

Grades and Grading Policies

Grade Lists and Submission of Grades | Grading System
Grade Changes/Appeals

Grade Lists and Submission of Grades
Faculty members submit grades online under myHeliotrope on my.purchase.edu. If you have any difficulties accessing your class list, contact the Office of the Registrar.

All grades must be submitted no later than three days after the end of semester or session. The due date for each fall and spring semester’s grades is published in the academic calendar.

After grades have been submitted, they are available to students under myHeliotrope on my.purchase.edu. Grade reports are not mailed to students. To protect students’ privacy and comply with FERPA, grades cannot be posted (either by name or by the student’s Social Security number or by any other method that may reveal a student’s identity) or given out over the telephone.

Grading System
Detailed information on the grading system is available in the Purchase College Catalog under Academic Policies: Grading Policies and updates on the College Policies site.

  • Fall/Spring semesters only: If “P” (instead of “A”) appears in front of any student’s name on your grade list, that student should be graded “P” (pass) or “NC” (no credit).

Grades are described as follows:
A+, A, A- = Superior
B+, B, B- = Good
C+, C, C- = Satisfactory
D = Minimum Passing Grade
F = Failure
AU, W, WF, and I (see below)
SP, UP, and NP (see below)

  • AU = Audit
    The audit (AU) grade is available to nonmatriculated students only. These students may audit credit courses with permission of the instructor, who determines the requirements for participation by the auditor. Auditors pay full tuition and fees. Additional information is available online on the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education site.
    Matriculated students may informally audit courses with permission of the instructor, but may not receive AU grades. Registration for the course is not permitted, and the course does not appear on the student’s academic record. Matriculated students who choose to audit a course may not register for the course later in the semester.
  • W = Withdrawal (without academic penalty)
  • WF = Administrative Withdrawal
    Students who stop attending credit courses without formally withdrawing by the published deadline receive a “WF” grade (administrative withdrawal; equals an “F” in computing grade point averages).
  • I = Incomplete
    Incompletes are strongly discouraged and are granted only in emergencies. It is the student’s responsibility to request the “I” grade from the instructor. If granted, the instructor will enter the grade of “I” online via myHeliotrope on my.purchase.edu. The student must complete the coursework and the “Revised Grade” must be entered via myHeliotrope no later than four weeks after the end of the fall and spring semesters (three weeks after the end of a summer session). The exact date for each fall and spring semester is published in the academic calendar. If a revised grade is not submitted, the grade will automatically be changed to an “F.” In such cases, the grade-change policy (below) does not apply.
  • SP (Satisfactory Progress), UP (Unsatisfactory Progress), and NP (No Progress)
    Reserved for grading of Senior Project I. “SP” is assigned for satisfactory progress. “UP,” or unsatisfactory progress, is assigned to indicate that work is underway but is not meeting expectations. “NP,” or no progress, is assigned to indicate that little to no work has been completed and the student must retake Senior Project I.

    Note: A grade of “A+” through “F” is given for Senior Project II. In the event a grade of “F” is received, Senior Project II must be retaken.

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Grade Changes/Appeals
After an instructor has submitted a student’s grade to the Office of the Registrar via myHeliotrope, the grade may be changed only with the approval of the appropriate associate or assistant dean (or, in the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, the director of academic programs). The final evaluation, however, is the prerogative of the instructor.

  1. If there has been a clerical error or if the student believes that the grade received is inaccurate, the student should discuss the evaluation with the instructor.
  2. If there are more questions, the student should discuss the evaluation with the coordinator of the appropriate board of study or, if necessary, with the associate or assistant dean, who then notifies the Office of the Registrar. (For grades issued in courses offered by the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, students should contact the director of academic programs.)
  3. If a grade change involves an instructor who is no longer a member of the Purchase College faculty, the associate or assistant dean or the director of academic programs notifies the registrar.
  4. This procedure does not apply when a student is completing work formerly recorded with the Office of the Registrar as an incomplete (I).
  5. Because many colleges will not accept transfer credits for a course in which a student received a grade lower than “C,” occasionally a student will request a grade change in order to transfer the credits. This is not a valid reason or justification for a grade change.
  6. In exceptional cases, grades may be changed up to six months after the completion of a given semester. No grade changes are accepted after this date.

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