Detailed information governing these leaves is available in:

The objective of a sabbatical leave is to increase an employee’s value to the university and thereby improve and enrich its program. Such leave shall not be regarded as a reward for service or as a vacation or rest period occurring automatically at stated intervals. Sabbatical leaves shall be granted for planned travel, study, formal education, research, writing, or other experience of professional value. Faculty with continuing appointments who have completed at least six consecutive years of service within the university or who, if they have previously had a sabbatical leave, have completed six consecutive years of service since they returned from that leave, are eligible. In computing consecutive years of service for this purpose, leaves at less than full pay, leaves without pay, and part-time service are not included but do not constitute a break in otherwise consecutive service. Sabbaticals may be granted for one year at rates not to exceed one-half basic annual salary or for one semester at rates not to exceed full basic annual salary. (Article XIII, Title E, Policies of the Board of Trustees )

Employees do not earn or use leave accruals while on sabbatical. Upon return from sabbatical leave, faculty members are expected to file a detailed report of professional activities and accomplishments while on the leave. (Article XIII, Title E, Policies of the Board of Trustees)

Leaves of absence may be granted at full or reduced salary or without salary for the purpose of professional development, assignments of limited duration with other universities or governmental agencies, or for other appropriate purposes consistent with the needs of the university. Leave of absence without salary may also be granted under appropriate circumstances for the purpose of child care. (Article XIII, Title F, Policies of the Board of Trustees)

Academic-year employees do not accrue credit for vacation leave and shall not be granted any such leave. Calendar-year and college-year employees are eligible to accrue credits for vacation leave. (Article XIII, Titles A & B, Policies of the Board of Trustees)

To Apply for a Sabbatical or Title F Leave

The leave application is available under Faculty Resources and Forms on the provost’s site. Completed leave applications should be submitted to the provost, along with supporting documentation (as needed) from the chair/director of the school/conservatory, according to the timeline listed on the leave application. (Article XIII, Title E, in the Policies of the Board of Trustees requires that all applications for sabbatical leave must be submitted at least six months in advance of the requested leave date.)