Board of Study Coordinator

  • Jordan Schildcrout

    Jordan Schildcrout

    Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance
    Co-Chair of BA Program in Theatre and Performance
    • BA, Yale University
    • PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York
    • Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching


Contributing Faculty

Faculty Emeriti

  • Julius Novick

    Julius Novick

    Professor Emeritus of Literature and Drama Studies
    • BA, Harvard University
    • DFA, Yale University
  • Gregorio Rosenblum

    Associate Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Drama Studies
    • BA, University of Chile
    • MFA, Karlova University of Prague
  • Philippa Wehle

    Philippa Wehle

    Professor Emerita of French, Drama Studies, and Literature
    • BA, Bucknell University
    • MA, Middlebury College
    • PhD, Columbia University
    • Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching