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The legendary American theatre director Anne Bogart is fond of saying, “Every piece of theatre is fundamentally about the same thing: Can we all get along in this room right now?”

But what is a room in 2020? What is a theater?

Can we all get along in this {gestures wildly at everything} right now?

The students, faculty, and staff of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Purchase College are proud to announce our fall 2020 season, which is comprised of daring original works created for emerging performance technologies, as well as great plays reimagined for digital space.

We’re making some new kinds of rooms – join us.

Fall 2020 Season

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For more information about any of these productions, please contact Conservatory Director Jack Tamburri.

Purchase Performance Lab

November 12 – December 11

Seniors in Theatre & Performance dreamed and collaborated since the summer to reconceive their Senior Project productions for fall 2020. Some of these projects (created in collaboration with students from Theatre Design/Technology) were performed on campus for extremely limited audiences; all are available to view digitally.

The Bear

Written by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Dante Nastasi

A reimagining of Chekhov’s comedy with a modern twist.

Click to watch The Bear

The Bear digital program

Before You Jump, Don’t—

by Angelina Sobredo

Uncertain and anxious about the future, Julia goes on a journey to figure her life out. Her answer is slowly shaped by the people around her.

Click to watch Before You Jump, Don’t—

Cheat Day!

Written by Hale Fishman
Directed by Kai DonDero
Featuring Hale Fishman & Dana Massa

Newly out trans man Jacob attempts to find love again after the violent rejection of his ex-girlfriend. His drag king alter-ego, Jack Vanity, speaks the truths that he cannot!

Click to watch Cheat Day!

Cheat Day! digital program

An excerpt from Chain

Written by Pearl Cleage
Directed by Chloé LaBorde

“My name is Rosa Jackson and I just like to get high!” Seven days with 16-year old crack addict Rosa, chained to a radiator by her parents. Once exposed to the highest of highs, she is now experiencing the effects of rock-bottom as she struggles through withdrawal. After facing her rage and regret, when the drug calls, will she pick up?

Chain was only available to view for a limited time, due to the performance license granted by the author

The Room

Written and Directed by Yeonwoo Kang

Don’t hide inside. Open your eyes. Listen. She is coming. Seeking some dance. Smiles. Thousands of lights. You. Get ready to be shaken.

Click to watch The Room

Excerpts from Some People and Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop

Written by Danny Hoch
Directed by G. Myles
Performed by Armando Mieses

A collection of monologues immersed in culture written by Brooklyn’s very own Danny Hoch. Grounded within the unification of music, these award-winning pieces explore themes from the power of hip-hop to police brutality, institutionalized racism and class discrimination, to a Cuban street vendor’s love of Snoop Dogg.

Click to watch ‘Some People…’

‘Some People…’ digital program

La Gente De Mucho Mas Alla, or The People From Very Far Away

Written by Janelle McNeil
Directed by Andres Vasquez
Dramaturgy by Spencer Strong
Featuring Gabriel Aponte, Spencer Strong, and Andres Vasquez

A Living Museum dedicated to the stories of those who have gone through or are going through the immigration process in the United States. It is an interactive, intimate experience where attendees can immerse themselves in the stories of immigrants through multiple creative media.

Click to experience ‘La Gente…’

‘La Gente…’ digital program

Prior Productions

Digital Fall Festival

October 9 – 18, 2020

The Conservatory commissioned theatre artists working at the vanguard of the field to create new works of performance intended for digital production. Students in the Acting and Theatre Design/Technology BFA programs collaborated to create these unique, totally contemporary shows, which were broadcast digitally to the Purchase community for a limited time.

Right Behind You

An Exploration of Ghosts
Inspired by Interviews and the Internet
Created by the Company
Directed by Margot Bordelon

An ensemble-devised exploration of the things that haunt us. How do the invisible forces around us help us make sense of our lives and our history during uncertain times? And how can we use these stories to help us shape our future?


Written by Ren Dara Santiago
Directed by Tatyana-Marie Carlo

Six drastically-different influencers collide when they each experience a strange phenomenon plaguing their audiences. They have no choice but to band together in order to save their follow counts from dropping them back into obscurity.

Civic Duty

Written by Fedna Jacquet
Directed by Rosalyn Coleman Williams

We are at a concert. We are living our best lives. The President is assassinated! Seven witnesses drag us through a tangled account of what happened. We soon realize we might be listening to a killer? But who is to blame when everyone seems guilty? Is it murder… or is a citizen performing what they believe to be their civic duty?

Everything You Love

Written by Eric Micha Holmes
Directed by Terrence I Mosley

A high school student becomes infatuated with an online tutor. As they struggle to make their feelings known, an algorithm takes them on an unpredictable journey through the depths of YouTube, where truth and illusion clash.

A People’s History of Looting

Written by Idris Goodwin
Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

The uprising has calmed, but the people are still burning. In the ashes of a city, a group of residents reflects on their gains and losses, and the cost of it all.

Eclipse / Eclipse

Escrito por / Written by Amelia Bande, Clemente Bracamonte, Francisca Campos, Amada Ceballos, Noel Cifuentes, Fernanda Fernandez, Agustín Miranda, Darián Negrón-Ortiz, Francis Pace-Nuñez, Ignacio Perez, Maite Pino, Maklin Ramirez, Javier Riveros, Catalina Stephens, Daniela Tarifeno, & Janis Valenzuela
Editato y dirigido por / Edited and Directed by Amelia Bande

Un país está a punto de ser desmantelado. Las personas tienen que irse sin un destino claro. Diferentes actores sociales y autoridades se reúnen por última vez para dar testimonio sobre esta decisión y lo que viene después. Eclipse es una colaboración bilingüe con estudiantes de la Escuela de Teatro de la Universidad Mayor en Santiago, Chile. A country is about to be dismantled. The people are made to leave without a clear destiny. Different social actors and authorities meet for the last time to give account of this decision, and what happens next. Eclipse is a bilingual, international collaboration with students in the School of Theatre at Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile.

Dance Nation

By Clare Barron, directed by Rachel Dickstein

October 30 – November 7

Students in the Theatre & Performance and Theatre Design/Technology programs collaborated to bring you a remotely-produced digital experience of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize finalist. The members of a pre-teen competitive dance team are fighting to get to nationals — Dance Nation is about ambition, growing up, and finding your voice in the heat of it all.

We produced Dance Nation through special arrangement with the playwright, and our production was only available to be viewed by the Purchase College community.