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Peter Sprague

Technical Director, Theatre and Performance

Lecturer in Theatre and Performance

Peter manages the Humanities Theatre on the Purchase College campus, is the technical supervisor for the Theatre and Performance (THP) program’s main stage and Senior Project productions there and in the PAC’s Underground Theatre, advises senior projects, schedules the Humanities Theatre the Underground Theatre and Southside performance venues, is a club advisor, teaches classes from Intro To Theatre and Performance to Speaking Shakespeare, is a part of the Orientation team during the summers, assists on the 15-30 independent shows that students produce annually and serves on multiple standing campus committees, including the Academic Integrity Committee Review Panel and the Tripartite Panel of the Affirmative Action Committee, among other things. He is a recipient of Purchase College’s Guiding Light Award, The Student Engagement Award, multiple Professional Development Grants.

Peter is an actor by training and proclivity, continuing to perform as time allows, recently working off- Broadway at the Ohio Theatre in Robert Lyons’s Red Haired Thomas, and in American Buffalo more nearby in Westchester. He also coaches acting and audition techniques.

More About Me

Trained as an actor, Peter continues to work as well as directing theatre. Most recently directing Lisbeth Sipes in her Edinburgh Fringe Festival offering of 2015, Bugbite. At Purchase College, he has directed Charles Mee’s bobrauschenbergamerica, a multidisciplinary production integrating contributions from Robin Lynch of the School of Art+Design creating a 4-channel video environment and Jim MacElwaine from the Conservatory of Music building a soundscape into the Theatre and Performance Program’s inaugural main stage production. He also directed plays in and co-produced (with Lenora Champagne) a performance of 365 Days/365 Plays, a year-long international premiere of those plays by Suzanne-Lori Parks. Peter continues to seek out opportunities to perform and direct in his spare time.

Research Interests

Performance, embodied presence, technology in performance, interdisciplinary collaboration, acting, directing, vocal production, identity, representation of public selves, literature of the stage in its social context, learning styles, Kabuki Theatre and performance at the intersection of cultures.

Representative Courses

Introduction To Theatre And Performance

Production Practicum

Speaking Shakespeare

Theatre Histories II

Criticism and Reviewing Workshop

Stage Management

Exhibitions / Performances

Red Haired Thomas, Cliff. Oliver Butler, director

American Buffalo, Teach. Lizbeth Sipes, director

nothing, Andy. Lizbeth Sipes, director

BugBite (director, AV programming), Edinburgh Fringe Festival