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Political Theatre - Prague, Czech Republic

This summer program will return in 2025.

This six-week multidisciplinary program offers a unique opportunity for students across majors to explore politics, sociology, culture, history, and art all through the lens of theatrical performance.

Students study at Prague’s renowned Faculty of Drama (DAMU), Academy of Performing Arts. Course content is focused on the work by Václav Havel, the dissident playwright imprisoned during the Communist era who eventually became President of the Czech Republic. In addition, the course includes meetings with theater professionals and excursions to sites relevant to the intersection of artistic creation and political revolution.

Students will also have the opportunity to engage in authentic cross-cultural experiences by eating in local restaurants, touring theaters and performance spaces, visiting libraries, monuments, and museums, attending performances, and visiting nearby cities.

This program fulfills the Purchase Arts or Humanities core requirements, qualifies as SUNY General Education Arts or Humanities requirements, and counts as an upper level elective credit for all majors. The program is open to all majors.

Here is some information to help you learn what it is like to live and travel in the Czech Republic, given your identity markers.

  • SUNY Program Code:  1187

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Watch the video below to listen to Theatre and Performance faculty member, and long-time Summer in Prague professor, Lenka Pichlíková talk about the program.


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