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Dance Performance

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Faculty Emeriti

  • Richard Cameron-Wolfe

    Associate Professor Emeritus of Dance
    • BM, MM, Indiana University
  • Mette Spaniardi

    Lecturer Emerita in Dance
  • Sarah Stackhouse fine-tuning details for the presentation of the Choreographic Offering Suite for the 28th José Limón International Dan...

    Sarah Stackhouse

    Associate Professor Emerita of Dance
    • BS, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Carol K. Walker

    Dean and Professor Emerita of Dance
    • BA, Barat College
    • SUNY Research Foundation Award Honoring Research and Scholarship in the Arts, 2002
  • Kevin Wynn

    Associate Professor Emeritus of Dance
    • Received early training in Washington, D.C., at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts
    • Continued studies at California Institute of the Arts and Purchase College, SUNY