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2020 Views: Seeing Through Uncertainty

Veronica Cruz, 2:34pm August 1, 2020 Veronica Cruz, 2:34pm August 1, 2020

The world abruptly stopped as the cataclysmic coronavirus took hold. In that moment of pause, it became clear that there was arguably an even larger pandemic that many had previously been unable to see. This moment has functioned as a time to reflect on where we are as a nation and a call to action for real and meaningful change. For our community at Purchase, it is an opportunity to define our future.

Featuring works by students, faculty, and staff from the Purchase College community, 2020 Views: Seeing through Uncertainty raises the questions we have been looking for and rests in the answers we hope to find. It is a look at this moment in time; the environment we live in and the future we are forming.