On-Campus Resources

Confidentiality is a guarantee that no information will be shared with third parties without the reporter’s permission. There are certain resources on campus that are confidential. The confidential resources on campus are the Counseling Center, Health Services, and Wellness Center. For more details, please visit Options for Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Violence.

Counseling Center (Humanities Building – Basement Level, Room 009 Tel. (914) 251-6390)

If you have experienced sexual assault or harassment, a counselor can provide you with confidential services, such as emergency assistance and crisis counseling. A counselor can also assist you in considering your options on pressing charges, filing a report, addressing medical concerns and issues of safety in your residential environment, and receiving support from your academic professor if you miss class/assignments/exams as a result of the sexual assault or sexual harassment.

 Student Health Services (Basement of Campus Center South Tel. (914) 251-6380)

  • Treatment for STDs
  • Morning-after pill
  • GYN care
  • Referral for strictly confidential counseling (on or off campus)
  • Request that your medical record be kept in case evidence is needed to support your case if you choose to pursue legal action
  • Assistance in receiving hospital services, such as HIV testing and emergency HIV treatment

Wellness Center (Tel. (914) 251-6665, wellness@purchase.edu - Campus Center South, Third Floor)

Title IX/Affirmative Action Office (Tel. (914) 251-5982 or (914) 251- 5992 Student Services Building, 3rd Floor, Room 319A) 

University Police (Tel. (914) 251-6900 (general information), (914) 251-6911 (emergency) - The office is located at the Lincoln Avenue underpass.)

Office of Community Standards (Tel. (914) 251-6033 Student Services Building, 3 rd Floor)

Department of Human Resources (Tel. (914) 251-6090)

Off-Campus Resources and Hotlines