Types of Interim Accommodations: 

  • Academic Accommodations
  • Residence and Housing Accommodations
  • Disciplinary/Safety Accommodations

Interim Accommodations:

Any party (the accuser, the accused, bystander etc.) has the right to:
  • request that an interim measure or accommodation be implemented;
  • challenge the assignment of an interim measure or accommodation;
  • present information/evidence to support their request or their challenge of the interim measure or accommodation

How to request Interim Accommodations: 

Parties may request a prompt review of the need for an interim measure or accommodation.  Interested parties who wish to request an interim measure or accomodation as a result of sexual misconduct, harassment or assault should contact the Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action at titleix@purchase.edu.  Interested parties who wish to request a No Contact Order should email the Office of Community Standards at saf.conduct@purchase.edu.

How to Challenge an Interim Accommodation:

If a student wishes to challenge or modify a interim suspension or other accommodations, please contact the Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action at titleix@purchase.edu. If a student wishes present information that would challenge or modify their No Contact Order, they should email the Office of Community Standards at saf.conduct@purchase.edu for additional information. 

While reporting individuals may request accommodations through any of the offices referenced here, the College’s Sexual Violence and Prevention and Response policy, Protection and Accommodations, has more information regarding interim accommodations. 

 For questions about interim measures and accommodations, please contact the Title IX Investigator or the Title IX Coordinator.