Winter Mindfully

What does it mean to be ‘mindful’? Jon Kabat Zinn would tell us that mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.

As we move into winter, you may see many articles telling you to “Winter Wisely”, but the obstacles we often face during the winter have nothing to do with wisdom or intelligence, but in fact, a lack of mindfulness. Have you finished a bag of chips without even realizing you were eating? Did you finish a TV series in a single sitting? Are you drinking more alcohol than you intended?

Some of the most reported new year’s resolutions people make have to do with diet and alcohol use. So how can you be more mindful of your actions this winter? Instead of making a one-time resolution, try making some daily lifestyle changes. Be aware of your routines. Are you drinking or eating when you are bored? Make note of these routines and try journaling on ideas on how to change these routines. Can you go for a walk to break the Netflix binge? Can you log-on to your favorite virtual fitness channel to see another human face?

Different practices work for different people. Maybe you have a friend who might be willing to go on a mindfulness distanced/masked/virtual journey with you. Remember, whatever changes you chose to try and winter more mindfully, try not to judge your experience, and give yourself grace.

Need more help building your mindfulness practice? Follow @wellnessatpc to watch for our spring programming scheduled to begin in February. And if you’d like help with your alcohol, tobacco or other drug use, call the Counseling Center to set up a confidential, virtual appointment (914)-251-6390.


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The Wellness Center also is proud to introduce The Lighthouse Program that offers Purchase students an intentional substance-free, peer-led community, programming and social space.  Check the Lighthouse Page for virtual recovery resources.