Navigating November 

November is a month of changing colors, hot beverages, and dreamy target décor, I mean…. But it is also a time of immense stress, and this year is no difference. Whether it is the election, exams or the holidays- Wellness has some tips to help you ‘Navigate November’ using some of our 8 Areas of Wellness:

Financial Wellness: Remember that cheeky nod to a major retailer above? Well, as we approach the holidays, it’s important to remember your budget, and not overspend. Make a list of needs versus wants and make sure you meet your needs before your wants.

Physical Wellness: Holidays can be a time of comfort foods and exams can be a time for quick easy meals that lack nutrition. Be mindful to bring balance into your diet and physical activity. Talk walks between your virtual classes and studying and through a carrot into the mix every once and a while. And start thinking about whether or not you want alcohol to be a part of your holiday traditions. How is alcohol working for you at your events? Would it be better to go without? Can you have some holidays without? Did you know, the majority of our Purchase students under age 21 do not use alcohol?

Mental Wellness: Take some time to practice mindfulness, meditation and/or add a gratitude practice in honor of Thanksgiving. Deep breathing is also a great technique! Check out our Events Page for mindfulness-based events and our Yoga Schedule.

Occupational Wellness: As a student, your job is your academics. Use your resources! You’re paying for them. Your Academic Advisor, Career Development and the Learning Center are three excellent academic resources!

And if you want some more help with your mental health or substance use, Wellness and the Counseling Center are here to support you. To make an appointment, call 914-251-6390.

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For more resources:

Look on our resources tab and scroll to bottom for ideas to help you live-well while away from campus:


The Wellness Center also is proud to introduce The Lighthouse Program that offers Purchase students an intentional substance-free, peer-led community, programming and social space.  Check the Lighthouse Page for virtual recovery resources.