• PSGA Green Cabinet in light green text on darker green background

    Meet Your New Green Cabinet

    There are three new PSGA Green Cabinet members: Student Sustainability Coordinator, Compost Master, and FreeStore/New Director. Meet them below!

  • Wayback exterior in August 2019

    Wayback is LEED Silver Certified

    The Wayback Residence Hall, completed in August 2019, received its official LEED Silver Certification.
  • hand holding a young tree growing on coins

    Sustainable Living on a Budget

    Living sustainably can be associated with a high cost, however through resources at Purchase and the local community, green choices can be accessible and affordable.

  • GreenFee Logo

    Funding Available to Support Green Initiatives

    GreenFee Grants are awarded on a rolling basis and are intended to provide funds to support sustainability initiatives that benefit students and advance campus sustainability.