AASHE Member Logo

AASHE (Association for the Advance of Sustainability in Higher Education):

An association of colleges and universities that are working to create a sustainable future. Its mission is to empower higher education to lead the sustainability transformation. The organization provides resources, professional development opportunities, and a network of support to enable institutions of higher education to model and advance sustainability in everything they do, from governance and operations to education and research.

NYCSHE Member Logo

NYCSHE (New York Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education): 

Representatives of higher education within New York state unite and support organizations with a common interest to promote and support environmental, fiscal, and social responsibility. Made up of individuals with vested interests in sustainability in higher education, this coalition seeks to support not only the idea of sustainability, but each other and the initiatives on member campuses. This network is meant to be a way for ideas and best practices to be shared.

SSC (SUNY Sustainability Coalition): 

The SSC is a subgroup of NYCSHE consisting of SUNY colleges and universities. The SSC serves as a state forum for sustainability initiatives, bringing together a broad spectrum of SUNY professionals to discuss issues critical to the acceleration, expansion and adoption of sustainable initiatives around curriculum, operations, research and engagement. The primary function of the group is to provide a voice for SUNY on sustainability issues, advocate for policies to further the sustainability goals of the system, increase awareness of accomplishments and advise system administration in the development of improved practices of sustainability.  The group supports and enhances the ability of its members to fulfill their responsibilities in order to achieve the sustainability goals of their respective institutions by providing a forum for members to address shared efficiencies, best practices, implementation strategies, and professional growth and training opportunities.

REV Campus Challenge Leader Logo

REVCC (Reforming the Energy Vision Campus Challenge): 

The REV Campus Challenge promotes clean energy efforts by recognizing and supporting NYS colleges and universities that implement clean energy projects and principles on campus, in the classroom, and in surrounding communities.  For the purposes of the REV Campus Challenge, clean energy is inclusive of energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy efforts. Members include two- and four-year, public and private institutions from all regions of NYS representing New York’s leaders in institutional sustainability.  

As an institution of higher education, we recognize the unique position we are in to further clean energy adoption in New York State through our actions on campus, by training tomorrow’s leaders, and by working with our local communities.  By joining the REV Campus Challenge, Purchase is demonstrating its commitment to advancing clean energy initiatives on-campus, in the classroom, and in the surrounding community.

Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges and Universities:

An intercollegiate collaboration established to more fully engage its members in the regional environment. The Consortium’s mission is to help shape the future of the regional and global environment through collaboration, education, and research. The Consortium facilitates intensive cooperation among its regional colleges and universities, and organizes inter-institutional collaboration among faculty. By channeling this extraordinary bank of intellect, talent and activism into innovative education and public service, the Consortium advances knowledge and understanding of the Hudson River Valley and beyond.



PLAN (Post-Landfill Action Network): 

The Post-Landfill Action Network cultivates, educates, and inspires the student-led zero waste movement. We inform students about the waste crisis and equip them with the necessary skills and resources to implement solutions to waste in their campus communities. PLAN empowers our generation to be change-makers.