Planting a tree on Clean and Green Day 2012

As employees of Purchase, we all contribute to the College’s footprint and we can make a difference by making changes in our offices. As an employee, you can:

  • Learn to recycle properly in our waste management system. You can submit a work order for recycling bins or signage if not in your office!
  • Remember to bring your own reusables such as coffee mugs, water bottles, silverware and bags. On campus coffee locations will give you a $0.10 discount for bringing your own mug. 
  • Conserve energy in your work space by turning off unnecessary lights and utilizing natural light whenever possible, activating your computer’s hibernation mode and powering down at the end of the work day, shutting off power strips, unplugging unused electronics and installing LED bulbs in your desk lamps. 
  • If you are responsible for coordinating and hosting an event, use the Green Events Guide to make your event sustainable!
  • Sign up for FieldGoods, an all local (Hudson Valley), seasonal produce delivery service similar to a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program. Pick-ups are weekly on Wednesdays during the academic year at the Sustainability Coordinator’s office in Campus Center South 1007. Please reach out for additional details and a discount code. 
  • If you are able, green your commute by taking public transportation, biking, walking or carpooling with 511NY RideShare. 
  • Apply for a GreenFee grant to implement a sustainability initiative or project in your office space.
  • Join and attend the Sustainability Advisory and Outreach Committee meetings to be involved in large sustainability measures across campus.
  • Invite the Sustainability Coordinator to present to your office and share information about current sustainability initiatives, how to get involved and for any collaboration projects. 
  • Stay informed of events, news, and tips by signing up for the Sustainability Newsletter below and following us on Facebook or Instagram