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Meet Your New Green Cabinet

There are three new PSGA Green Cabinet members: Student Sustainability Coordinator, Compost Master, and FreeStore/New Director. Meet them below!

Samantha DeTurris: Compost Master

Samantha is a senior in the environmental studies program aiming to be a research scientist. She is this years compost master. Samantha has been passionate about nature since high school, starting with her best friend telling her how she planted sunflowers to provide habitats for insects in an area as urban as Queens. With being passionate about nature she is also passionate about sustainability. She believes that humans should try their best to work with nature and not against it. Samantha is excited to be responsible for turning our food wastes into something that can return to nature. She believes that every ounce of food that can be composted instead of thrown into a landfill is a win for working with nature. She is very excited to work with the Green Cabinet to make Purchase College a more sustainable community. She hopes to hold information sessions and to make composting on campus more accessible. Getting other students involved is very important to her because she believes that the more people get involved the more they will learn then the more they will care. Samantha hopes that her enthusiasm will make her fellow students more interested in making efforts towards a more sustainable campus.

Ashley Friedman: Student Sustainability Coordinator

Ashley Friedman is the student Sustainability Coordinator for this school year. She is a junior majoring in journalism with a minor in music, and is passionate about environmental issues. Ashley first became interested in sustainability in high school, when she learned about zero waste lifestyles. She started to make small changes to create less waste in her everyday life, such as using reusable items or shopping second hand. She’s been vegan for five years and works at an eco-friendly boutique where she lives on Long Island, and is looking forward to helping Purchase become more green!

Maura Vander Putter: FreeStore/New Director

Maura Vander Putten is a junior environmental studies major minoring in biology and political science. She has always loved yard sales, thrifting, dumpster diving, DIY ethic, and community organization through music and art. When she came to Purchase, the free store, in total disrepair since quarantine, drew her attention to a remedy to overconsumption on a campus full of environmentally conscious and politically motivated people. She believes the most effective way for people to battle capitalism and environmental corruption is to provide alternative spaces that encourage community organization, collaboration, and work based on the notion that all people deserve their basic needs to be met for free.

“From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”