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Core Requirements Prior to Fall 2023

Students who first matriculated or who were readmitted at Purchase prior to Fall 2023, should follow the Core Curriculum requirements.

For the most current list of approved courses in each category, please consult the current or upcoming semester’s myHeliotrope online course search. For additional information, refer to courses that fulfill requirements.

By taking at least 30 credits from the core curriculum’s knowledge and skill areas listed below, including a minimum of of one course (at least 3 credits) in each of the first seven areas—plus at least one 1-credit course chosen from a list of approved health, wellness, or physical education courses, (A local Purchase requirement, not a SUNY requirement) students simultaneously satisfy the Student Learning Outcomes defining each area.


Health and Wellness 

Students take 1-2 credits from a list of approved health, wellness, or physical education courses. These credits do not count toward the minimum of 30 credits required in core curriculum courses for SUNY, but all students must complete this category as a Purchase student.

Students will demonstrate:

  • Positive health and wellness concepts and practices; and
  • An understanding of how such practices contribute to metal and physical well-being.

Approved General Education Courses by SUNY Campus

This site maintained by the SUNY System Administration, provides links to lists of approved general education courses at each SUNY campus, including Purchase core curriculum courses that satisfy SUNY general education requirements that were in place prior to fall 2023.