Composition of Hearing Committees

The Academic Integrity Committee is a panel of faculty and students, plus a nonvoting chair, appointed by the provost. The faculty and students are recruited each semester by the chair to ensure that an adequate number of members are available across the various days and times of the week. The chair shall attempt to include faculty from each school and conservatory whenever possible. The Purchase Student Government Association shall assist the chair in recruiting student members of the panel. From the membership of the committee, the chair shall select a panel of two faculty members and one student to hear any given case.

Hearing Procedures

The Academic Integrity Committee has original jurisdiction in cases involving student requests for a hearing on a disputed allegation of academic dishonesty, referrals from faculty members recommending additional sanctions, and all cases that would constitute a second academic integrity offense for a student.

The committee follows the procedures for hearings specified under Hearing Procedures from the Office of Community Standards. The rights of the accused student are the same as those listed under Hearing Rights.

  1. If the committee concludes that it is more probable than not that a violation did not occur, the instructor is required to assign a grade for the assignment and course based on academic performance, disregarding the allegation of academic dishonesty.

  2. If the committee concludes that it is more probable that a violation did occur, it affirms the sanction imposed by the instructor/complainant and may impose additional sanctions as authorized in Section A: Standards Relative to Academic Integrity, if the committee believes they are warranted.

  3. The Academic Integrity Committee shall inform the student and the instructor/complainant, in writing, of its determination, within three business days following the hearing.