If you discover a fire or smoke condition, follow the RACER procedure:

  • Rescue any person in immediate danger.
  • Alarm: Pull the fire alarm box usually located at stairways and building exits.
  • Confine fire by closing doors where possible.
  • Evacuate: follow EXIT signs; OR
  • Extinguish a small fire using a fire extinguisher, if trained and comfortable doing so.
    • Remember PASS: (Pull the pin, Aim at the base of fire, Squeeze the handle, Sweep side to side until the fire extinguisher is empty. Do not turn your back on the fire, carefully back away after the fire extinguisher is empty. EVACUATE IF FIRE IS OUT OF CONTROL!
  • Report the incident to the University Police #6911 from a safe location.
  • Report any discharged fire extinguisher to Facilities #6920 for replacement.

If you hear or see a fire alarm signal (unless a prior announcement has been made that the system is being tested):

  • Evacuate the building. Follow EXIT signs to the nearest exit.
  • Walk at a normal pace.
  • Use stairways, not elevators.
  • Wait outside at least 50 feet away in the designated assembly area for the building, (see Campus Fire Evacuation Procedures) until the University Police or designated campus official announces all clear.
  • Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants, walkways, and emergency command posts clear.
  • Attempt to account for others who may have been inside the building when the alarm sounded. Report missing persons and possible locations to emergency personnel.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency personnel.

Procedure for Occupants with Disabilities (OWD):

  • All Occupants: Report the presence of any OWD to the University Police and emergency personnel.
  • Faculty/Staff: (1) Move (do not carry or lift!) the OWD to a safe area by the nearest stairwell, and (2) Stay with the OWD in the hallway outside the stair door unless there is an immediate danger. If necessary enter the stairwell when it is clear and close the door behind you. Designate someone to report your presence to the University Police and emergency responders. If possible, call the University Police at x6911 to report your situation.
  • Do not use stairs to evacuate unless the OWD is able to ambulate.
  • Exercise caution in the stairwell to avert falls and trips.
  • Do not use the elevator unless helped by the Fire Department.
  • If you are trapped:
    • In a room, hang a sheet or article of clothing outside a window if available as a marker for rescue crews.
    • In a smokey hallway stay near the floor as you move to the nearest exit.