EHS provides a variety of training programs and information regarding fire safety and fire prevention. It serves as liaison with the Purchase Volunteer Fire Department.

EHS coordinates formal campus wide annual fire safety inspections with the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control.

EHS maintains evacuation procedures for all campus buildings and conducts periodic fire drills in campus academic and administrative buildings.  EHS also works with the Office of Residential and Student Life to ensure that successful fire drills, and fire safety inspections are conducted in campus residential areas.

If you have any questions regarding fire or life safety, contact Environmental, Health and Safety at 914.251.6022.

Fire Safety Links

General Information

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Fire Prevention Tips

Preventing fires is the most effective way to avoid fire-related injuries and deaths as well as avoiding property
damage. A constant awareness of conditions that can cause fires is key to preventing them. It is always a good time to review fire safety tips whether at home, or on campus.