General Guidelines

Current controls in place to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 no longer call for strict social distancing and adjusting room occupancies for people who are fully vaccinated and wearing a mask.  Remaining vigilant and encouraging people to keep a safe and comfortable distance when possible indoors, along with being vaccinated, and wearing masks consistent with the College’s Updated Mask Policy are the preferred methods of protecting the campus community.

An understanding of how a particular area is arranged and how it will be used is important in determining safe use.

  • For areas that are arranged with fixed seating, it is advisable to make only every other seat available if possible.  Fixed seats can be marked or otherwise designated as being available or not available.
  • For areas that are arranged with movable (unfixed) seating it’s a best practice to keep seats as far apart from each other as possible.

In either case, always allow for enough space for the instructor to move around the front of the classroom appropriately.

Applicable Approvals

In-Person Event Requests

Campus departments, student groups, and independent organizers considering holding an in-person/face-to-face event or gathering must complete and submit an In-Person Event Request describing the event and controls that will be implemented to the Student Services Working Group for clearance 21 business days prior to the event. Adjusted occupancy will be reviewed when the submission is received.

Student Film Shoots

Students planning a film shoot on campus shall complete a Student Film Shoot Details Form for each filming location. An “In-Person Event Requests” form described above, must be submitted as well.