Ways to report a fire:

  • Telephone - dial 911 from a campus phone or 914-251-6911 from an off campus or cell phone.
  • Blue Light Emergency Phone - there are approximately 25 around campus that connect directly to the University Police.
  • Fire pull boxes are located near stairways and exits of every campus building.  Activate one as you leave if the fire alarm is not yet sounding.
  • Smoke and/or heat detectors located in all buildings activate the building fire alarm system and notify the University Police.


Why do I need to report the fire if I put it out myself?  While you may think the fire is out, residual embers may re-ignite minutes or even hours later.  People with specialized training need to examine the scene to be sure the fire is really out.  According to NYS procedures all campus fires must be reported to Albany.  A full record of fires and their causes helps direct fire prevention efforts.  If a fire extinguisher is used, it must be replaced.

Wouldn’t it be quicker if I called the fire department directly?  No, the University Police are on campus and will respond quicker to facilitate evacuation and first aid support and contact the fire department if necessary.  Valuable time could be lost if the University Police are not contacted immediately.