Students who have not signed a license agreement and completed the mandatory questions that follow will not be allowed to go through the room selection process. The questions have changed, please pay close attention as your housing options that you see will depend on how you answer the questions. Please review our frequently asked questions which provide more specific details on the housing selection process. 

Housing Selection Dates:

Housing selection dates are based on the amount of completed credits that you have at the time of the room selection period. Credits that are currently in progress are not included. You will receive an e-mail the day before your selection with your specific time slot on that day. For example you may not begin selection until 2:05 pm even though the selection day starts off at 9:30am. Selection times will be randomized for each day for the students who qualify.

Day 1- Seniors- (90+ completed credits) 4/2/24 9:30am- 11:59pm

Day 2- Juniors- (60-89 completed credits) 4/4/24 9:30am- 11:59pm

Day 3- Sophomores- (40-59 completed credits) 4/09/24 9:30am- 11:59pm

Day 4- Freshmen/ Sophomores- (0-39 completed credits) 4/11/24 9:30am- 11:59pm- Student selecting on Day 4 will only have residence hall options.

Please stay tuned to your Purchase College e-mail and our website for more information about the upcoming housing selection process.