All students must speak with their Residence Coordinator (RC) prior to requesting any room changes from the Office of Community Engagement. All room changes must be approved by the Director of Residential Services for the Office of Community Engagement. In cases of an issue with health or safety, a Residence Coordinator or other Community Engagement staff member may inform you of a temporary or emergency room change.

Once a room assignment has been made, students have two options for changing rooms. These options are: requesting a room change or identifying another student to conduct a direct room swap. Please reference the billing and dining policies regarding room changes.

Room Change Request

Room changes can be requested by completing the Room Change Request form. This form allows a student to make a request to be moved from their current assignment to a vacant space elsewhere. There are no student moves allowed during the first two weeks of the semester. After a room change request is received, the Director of Residential Services will communicate with the appropriate Residence Coordinators within the areas where a change will take place. No request is guaranteed and is only approved after an official confirmation email is received by the student from the Office of Community Engagement.

The Room Change Request form can be found by signing into the MyHousing portal through a student’s MyHeliotrope account. Once a student has signed into their MyHousing portal, they would simply click on the tab titled “Room Change Request” and follow the directions outlined within the form. The Room Change Request form will not be accessible during the first two weeks of the fall or spring semesters.