The Advising Center is not only a resource for students, but also for faculty. We hope that the information on this webpage helps facilitate the important conversations that you have with students surrounding their academic journey. We invite you to contact us for additional support.

Call the Advising Center at 914-251-3990 or email us at to discuss your advising question so we can empower you to guide your students.

Contact Your Advisees

To email to all of your advisees at once, format the email recipient as follows: For example, if I send an email to, it will go to all of my advisees.

Advising Week for Spring 2022

Advising Week for continuing students is Monday, November 8 - Friday, November 12, 2021

Course Registration for continuing, matriculated students begins on Monday, November 15, 2021 in accordance to the forthcoming registration timeline. We encourage students and faculty to coordinate their meetings prior to Registration Week, but once a student’s registration period opens, the Advising Center will be happy to advise all students from all academic programs at all levels of academic standing.

For more important dates, visit the 2021-22 Academic Calendar.

Faculty Advisor Training Sessions

Starfish Appointment Calendar Workshops

These virtual training workshops will show faculty how to set up an online appointment calendar in Starfish so their advisees can easily schedule a virtual advising appointment. Follow the link below to register in advance.

Dates Coming Soon! …

Planning Ahead for Advising

1 - Start early. The Course Search goes live a couple weeks before Advising Week, and Alternate PINs are available in Starfish and from your Advisee Listing in myHeliotrope.

2 - Offer individual and/or group advising sessions virtually or in-person during your normal office hours. For example, you could host one session for freshmen/sophomores and another for juniors/seniors. For virtual sessions, you may use screen sharing to review the Degree Progress Report and the Course Search, and then answer any questions before typing the student’s Alternate PIN into the chat window.

 3 - Use the Course Planning Worksheet, which you can copy/paste into an email and ask students to send it back with their responses. This is like an Add/Drop form, but more conversational. Students can explain the reason behind each of their course selections. Then use the Look Ahead feature in the Degree Progress Report to see exactly how those courses would apply to their degree requirements.

4 - Refer students to the Advising Center. When you need additional support from a professional academic advisor, feel free to refer students to us. We conduct appointments via phone, email, and Zoom. Students can schedule an appointment through our online calendar in Starfish.

Additional Information

Summer Courses
Summer courses could be a great way for students to “catch up” on credits, improve their GPA after a rocky semester, or propel themselves ahead! Students can view all of the summer sessions and course offerings online at

Educational Videos

Degree Progress Report (DPR)

How to Understand the Degree Progress Report
Look Ahead - This short 3-minute video demonstrates how to use the Look Ahead tool in the Degree Progress Report to help students determine how their planned courses will be applied to their academic degree requirements.


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Course Search

How to Use the Course Search

User Guides and Course Scheduling Deadlines

The Office of the Registrar has its own Faculty and Staff resource webpage with helpful myHeliotrope User Guides and Course Scheduling Deadlines.

Thank you for the invaluable role that you play for our students!

Ryan Homsey
Director, Academic Resource Center
Lecturer, Conservatory of Music