The Advising Center

The Advising Center supports and supplements the College’s faculty-based advising program. We serve all students across all programs at all phases of their academic standing with focus on assisting new freshman and transfers, undeclared students, and those who are interested in changing majors.

Why Would I Talk to an Academic Advisor?

  • To learn about academic policies and procedures.
  • To understand your Degree Progress Report (DPR).
  • To understand your academic requirements.
  • To discuss your academic goals with an Academic Advisor.
  • To discuss future courses and your timeline to graduation.
  • To learn about any of the majors or minors we offer.
  • To learn how to declare a major or minor.
  • To learn how to navigate the Course Search.
  • To discuss any other questions or concerns you have regarding your academic career.

Every student in the College is assigned to an official advisor who may be a professional academic advisor from Advising Center, a full-time professor within the student’s academic department, or their First-Year Seminar instructor.

Students can locate their advisor’s name by looking at their Degree Progress Report (DPR), which can be viewed by logging into myHeliotrope.