The Advising Center supports and supplements the College’s faculty-based advising program. While we serve students from all majors and all stages of their academic career, we have a focus on assisting students in our BA/BS programs, particularly those who are new students, undeclared, or interested in changing majors.

Why would I go to the Advising Center?

Every student in the College is assigned to an official advisor who may be a professional academic advisor from Liberal Studies or the Advising Center, a full-time professor within the student’s board of study, or their First-Year Seminar instructor.

Students can locate their advisor’s name by looking at their Degree Progress Report (DPR), which can be viewed by logging into myHeliotrope.


  • Mar 5

    Managing Senior Projects

    Time:  3:00pm—4:00pm
    Learn how to plan and schedule your work for long-term projects.
  • Apr 16

    Study Skills Workshop

    Time:  3:00pm—4:00pm
    Brush up on your study skills before finals! Find out how to study more efficiently with reading, note-taking, and study strategies.