Academic Requirements for the Minor in Music

The minor in music requires 21 to 25 credits, depending on the area of study. The course of study includes:

  • Four semesters of private or master class instruction in the area of specialization
  • Two semesters of theory or models
  • Two semesters of solfège or ear training
  • Two semesters of secondary piano*
    *for students in areas other than piano performance
  • Two semesters of music history (any courses)
  • Two semesters of ensemble (placement by audition)

Associated Fees

  • Students minoring in music are charged the course fee ($1,219.87 per semester) to cover private lessons and/or master classes, as well as a performance lab fee ($37 per semester). Please note that these fees are subject to annual increases. For a detailed explanation of each fee, please refer to Adjustments and Explanation of Fees (Student Financial Services).
  • Students majoring in a Conservatory of Music program may not minor in another area of music. However, they may (with permission of the instructor) pursue study in another area within the conservatory. Music majors who audition for another music program will not be charged an audition fee. However, they will be charged an additional course fee if they take secondary lessons.

How to Apply

Only a limited number of students can be admitted each year to the minor in music, based on the available spaces in a given area. Students will only be accepted for a minor in music through the Conservatory of Music audition process. Applicants for the minor in music are required to submit the same repertoire as all other undergraduate admission applicants. There is a $57 nonrefundable audition fee, which is subject to annual increases approved by the State University of New York, plus a $5 Slideroom fee.

Prescreening Audition

All applicants for the minor must submit prescreening audition materials online at Slideroom along with the nonrefundable $57 audition fee plus the $5 Slideroom fee. Applicants can upload sound files (.mp3), video (.mov) and/or any required documents (.pdf). You may choose to submit your audition in either a video (.mov) or sound (.mp3) format, but please choose one or the other. Please follow these technical requirements:

  • Videos (.mov, .flv, or .wmv) must be 60MB or less. Please size your videos to 640 x 480px to get maximum duration.
  • Audio (.mp3) must be 5MB or less.
  • Documents (.pdf) must be 10MB or less.

Please follow the submission instructions carefully for your particular program(s) of choice at If you wish to audition for more than one program, you must submit a separate prescreening audition and fee for each program. Please do not mail in an audition CD or DVD.

*If you experience difficulty uploading your audition pieces, please contact Slideroom technical support at for assistance and allow one day for a response. You can also consult the Slideroom Helpdesk and FAQ at

If you are selected for a live audition, you will be notified of your audition date and time via email. Please be sure to give us a viable email account, and check it regularly.

Upon acceptance (after the audition), you will be directed to complete an application for the minor and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. (This form is also available at the Office of the Registrar.)